Closer now - I long for the connection - the moment when I see it in your eyes - we understand who we are in the reflection - I realize in you Iā€™m realized
— Sam Long age 18

For me, Music has always been about connection. Playing music with others, especially singing in harmony build a bridge between bodies; a crossing even without common language, identity, or culture.  This unspoken, in fact sung or played, arrangement has the power to create community, at least the kind that I've pursued.  That's why I've joined choirs, started open mics, and structurally enabled members in my community to make more and better music.


Over the past 15 years I've been building my toolbox of music related skills to include songwriting, production, audio engineering, merch creation, tour booking - everything I can learn.  Along the way I've been able to work at some amazing places in Philadelphia - and with musicians that I consider to be best friends.  I'm excited for the next chapter - learning more, but also using what I've learned to create better music and foster better connections.