From Source to Sea

by Honey and the Sting

In my work I’m interested in the interdisciplinary mixing of art and environmental activism.  I formed a music group called Honey and the Sting in 2012 to compose music to explore this connection. The band’s first album is a conceptual journey down the Connecticut River. I wrote these songs with the intention of relaying scientific and cultural information through music and performance art. This album, "From source to Sea" was released in late 2012 and we’ve toured the Northeast several times performing these songs for the last five years.

As an artist, I believe that I have a duty to use my work to amplify voices of the oppressed and the voiceless. Though our Earth doesn’t have a mouth, she is speaking to us in the form of climate change and species extinction. These issues are paramount to the survival of humanity and the hope for a better future for our children. By writing songs about these topics I can educate audiences about the struggle and empower other artists to create works along similar themes.

Production by Jared Paul

Mastering by Peter Humphreys