Engineering Mixing & Mastering

I've worked with incredible musicians and friends.  I'd love to be a part of your project.  Let's make some beautiful sounds together.

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Balkan Mind Meld - Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering

Balkan Mind Meld plays traditional music from the Balkan peninsula and beyond. Inspired by years of study and travels through the region, they strive to perform this music with passion and respect. Balkan Mind Meld is currently based in Boston, MA. Zoe Christiansen (clarinet, vocals), Gawain Thomas (accordion), Lysander Jaffe (violin, vocals)

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Filthy Pilgrims - Engineering and Mixing

Puritan Pow-wow was recorded in a tiny "trinity house" in Philadelphia's Queen's Village neighborhood. Independent Space Rock out of D.C. Andrew McHale (Guitar, Vocals) Howe Pearson (Drums, Vocals)
Eric Matyas (Bass, Flute)

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Music by Mel Hsu and Diane Foglizzo